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    DP pilot operated pressure reducing valves opttions

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The DP17 features a metal-to-metal seat which allows precise control of pressure, under all conditions.


The DP17G features a soft seat for tight shut-off, which provides precise control of pressure, under all conditions.

DP17R - Remote pressure control

The DP17R features a fully adjustable remote set point, by using an air driven pilot.

The set point can then be adjusted via a compressed air regulator situated away from the valve.

For example the valve may be high up in a pipeline but adjustment can be made from an

air regulator at ground level.





AThe DP17E features an electrical solenoid for remote on / off control.

DPP17E - Additional pilots

An important feature in the Spirax Sarco DP range of pressure reducing valves is the unique ability to combine two or more pilots on

the same valve body i.e. temperature control and pressure reduction, of the DP17T valve. The additional pressure pilot of the

DPP17E illustrated above allows stepped pressure control by utilising an electrically switched solenoid valve.

DP17T - Control of hot water storage calorifier

Pressure reduction leads to high heat exchanger efficiency and the additional temperature control supplies the exact amount

of steam to reach and maintain temperature economically.

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