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Valve Maintenance Methods

Valve Maintenance Methods


Valve maintenance is very important, here are some common methods we recommend for valve maintenance.

   1Valves in use should be kept clean, transmission thread must be regularly lubricated. When fault found, the valve should be immediately stopped using after identifing the reasons and clearing the fault.

 2Tighten the bolts evenly, should not be pressed into a crooked state so as to keep valve stem moving and prevent leakage.

 3During installation, the valve connection can be directly installed in pipeline. Under normal circumstances, can be installed in any position on the pipeline, but needs be easy to operate overhaul. Lift check valve only can be installed horizontally.

 4When use ball valve, globe valve and gate valve, only be fully open or fully closed, not allowed to adjust flow so as to avoid sealing surface by erosion.

 5Use handwheel to open or close ball valve, globe valve, gate valve. Do not  use lever or other tools.  Handwheel clockwise rotation is closing, otherwise it is open.

 6Before installation, must carefully check if the pressure and path of the valve meets the requirements and remove defects caused during transport and remove valve dirt.

 7The valve under long-term storage should be checked regularly. Keep the  exposed surface clean and remove dirt. For storage,  the two sides of ball valve should be blocked and keeps open state. The ends of the tunnel of gate valve, globe valve nad check valve should be blocked and kept closed and be neatly stored in ventilated, dry place indoors. 

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