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About steam trap

About steam trap

As we konw, steam trap is a kind of valve device that widely used in pipleine system in our daily life. What is function of steam trap? How many types of steam traps? How to select steam trap? Let's enjoy the following contents together.

1. Steam trap function:

  A steam trap is a kind of valve used to automatically sense the difference between steam, non-condensable gases and condensate, and It retains steam within the system and remove condensate and non-condensables.


2. GOOLE steam trap types:

 a. ball float steam trap

 b. thermostatic steam trap

 c. thermodynamic steam trap

 d. inverted bucket steam trap

 e. bimetallic steam trap

  f. disc type steam trap


3. Steam trap selection guide:


Type of Steam Trap Operation Normal Failure Mode
No or little load Light Load Normal Load Heavy Load

Float & Thermostatic

Steam Trap

No Action Usually continuous. May cycle. Usually continuous. May cycle. Continuous Closed
Inverted Bucket Steam Trap Small Dribble May dribble Intermittent Continuous Variable
Bimetal Thermostatic Steam Trap No Action Usually Dribble Action May blast at high pressures Continuous Open
Impulse Steam Trap Small Dribble Usually continuous with blast at high loads Usually continuous with blast at high loads Continuous Open
Thermodynamic Disc Steam Trap No Action Intermittent Intermittent Continuous Open


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