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Bellow Pressure Reducing Valve Manual

Bellow Type Pressure Reducing Valve mainly refers to Direct Acting Type Pressure reducing valve in which the stainless steel bellow ensured the high sealing performance.

Goole Direct Action Bellow Type Pressure Reducing Valve (Y14H / U14F/ BRV71 / BRV73 / BRV2S) has following features:

1. It is Pressure Reducing Valve with direct acting plastic cap.

2. This Bellow Pressure Reduction can be made in a wide range with a single adjusting spring inside.

3. Bellow design provides extended service life over diaphragm design.

4. Plastic adjusting handle allows safe pressure adjustment without the need of any tools.

5. This Bellow Pressure  Reducing Valve is with very compact structure and small size.

6. The max pressure differential for this Bellow Pressure reducing valve is 10:1.

7. The max working temperature of this Bellow Pressure reducing valve  is 220 Deg C .

8. This Bellow Pressure Reducing Valve is often made with SS 304 Body & Trim.


Direct Action Bellow Type Pressure Reducing Valve Assembly Drawing:

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