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Goole Butterfly Valve Classification

Goole Butterfly Valve includes Bi-Directional Metal Seated Butterfly Valve, High Performance Butterfly Valve, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Concentric Butterfly Valve, etc.

API Flanged Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve is measured by the ANSI B16.5 Short series standard. It is light, easy to install, flexible to operate with small opening and closing torque. By adjusting section press blocks that evenly surround the sealing surface valve can flully realize zero-leakage with even specific pressure of seal and reliable sealing.

Manual device has switch orientation deice 90 Degree Open and close accurate in place, the body cavity casting have positioning block, eliminating the butterfly plate for closing sealing effect and the influence of overdo hidden trouble, will the butterfly plate of the closed position limit in sealed state his best position.

Gear Operated Wafer Type Eccentric Signal Butterfly Valve for Firefighting, also called Signal Butterfly Valve, adopts eccentric butterfly valve plate, the CAM Shaft with switch signals set, can effectively provide contact valve opened and closed signal, and can output connection acousto-optic facilities, provide sound and light signals, generally used for fire control facilities.

Pipeline Butterfly valve is utilized in underground pipeline for water supply and drain tube as open and close or adjusting medium flux, with characteristic of damp resistant, antisepsis, long time of usage, etc.

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