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Application of Ceramic Gate Valve

Ceramic Single Disc Gate Valve is used as an feed valve for storehouse pumps of dry ash system in power plants, which is applicable for high-hardness granular media, or used as an on-off on pipelines of abrasive dry dust or vapor in mines, papermaking, chemical engineering and so on. its normal pressure is 1.0MPa, and applicable temperature is below 150 Deg C.


The sealing surface of this Ceramic Single Disc Gate valve adopts hard seal, and all medium-contacting parts are made of structural ceramic with extremely high chemical stability and hardness and a service life 510 times of that of those valves made of common materials. It brings about huge economic interests to users thanks to its extremely strong resistance to abrasion, corrosion and erosion, good heat insulation and small thermal expansion.


This Ceramic gate valve feed inlet is fully through without any blocks, and it has an automatic compressed air anti-blockage blowing unit, with little ash seizure or zccumulation. It adopts a high-grade toughened structural ceramic seal, featuring high mechanical strength, strong abrasion resistance, a long service life and a compact structure, which can be installed at any angle.

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