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Control Valve Bonnet Designs


Control Valve Bonnet  Designs


1. Standard Bonnet

  The standard bonnet is normal temperature upper bonnet. Theboonet material is the same as that of the body, playing the function of sealing the body and linking the actuator. Working Temperaure: -30°C ~ 230°C


 2. High Temperature Bonnet

  The high temperature bonnet is specially designed for high temperature service conditions. The heat sink enhances the contact area between the bonnet and the surrounding air so as to play the function of heat dissipation or called Heat Radiator. It can effectively protect the packing and actuator. Working Temperature: +230°C ~ 530°C , -45°C ~-5°C


3. Cryogenic Extended Bonnet

  The cryogenic extended bonnet is suitable for media under low temperature status ( such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen). This kind of upper bonnet can effectively protect the packing and actuator. The standard material adopted is 304 or 316. Materials of different expansion coefficients can also be adopted according to different service conditions. Working Temperature: -196 °C  ~ 45°C .


4. Metal Bellow Seal Bonnet

  The metal bellow seal bonnet is installed with the stainless steel bellows assembly to isolate the medium from the outside and ensure the stem will make upward and downward movement. In addition, the upper bonnet is also provided with the standard packing box to ensure the media will not leak and cause waste or produce pollution to the environment. Working Temperature: -60°C ~530°C .


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