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Control Valve Packing Structure

Packing Structure

As a seal at the stem, the packing plays the sealing function for the upward and downward movement at the stem. The traditional solution is the pressing board type packing box structure. Although this structure can play the sealing function, the problem that high friction at the stem will cause big dead band, no response and small signal still exists. To solve the above problem, our control valve is designed with the new type packing box structure based on the principle of ensuring effective sealing at the stem, improving the structure and reducing stem friction. The structure has such features as: The integral packing box is easy to replace and repair. Many U Type seal rings with sealing compensation function replace the traditional PTFE V Type packing.


Standard packing box structure

Standard Packing

The integral packing box is the standard packing structure. It is easy to replace and repair with the modular design.

Working Temperature: -30°C—260°C

The Packing is composed of many U Type seal rings with sealing compensation function.


High temperature Packing Box Structure

High temperature packing

The V Type flexible graphite serves as the high temperature packing.

Working Temperature:  -45°C--530°C

The high temperature packing is composed of three V Type Graphite of different tapers.


Bellow Packing box Structure

The bellows stem sealing structure often adopts the bellows. The standard packing box with dual sealing will absolutely seal toxic and cryogenic medium.

Working Temperature: -60°C ~ 530°C

The metal bellow isolates the medium from the outside, and ensures the stem makes upward and downward movement.


Working pressure and temperature range of sealing materials




Temperature Range (°C)




-30°C ~ 260°C

/ -30°C~230°C

High Temperature

V Type Flexible graphite


-30°C~ 540°C

/ -50°C~ 250°C

Bellows Seal

304 / 316

Hastelloy C /  Monel

-196°C~ 400°C

/-250°C~ 530°C


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