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DIN Bellow Seal Globe Valve Advantages

DIN Bellow Seal Globe Valve, based on its special bellow seal feature, can give complete solution for valve gland leakage problem in hot oil or thermal oil industry with working temperature below 350 Deg C. Goole DIN Standard Bellow Sealed Globe Valve can also be applied to various kinds of working conditions of pipelines such as petroleum, fertilizer, and power industry.

But in which environment that Bellow Seal Globe Valve should be used instead of normal Globe Valve? 

One of the most frequent and serious problems associated with valves is of gland leakage. This results in loss of medium, energy and increases plant downtime. Apart from the high cost of energy, gland leakages can also cause serious environmental, ecological and health hazards to plant workers and personnel. Leakage of sensitive material can also contribute to a fire hazard, explosion, or damage the equipment. Gland packed valves often need continuous maintenance. Bellow Seal Globe Valve can solve such problems because of its special Bellow Seal Stem.


Here are some sample pictures about the DIN Bellow Seal Globe Valve that we Yongjia Goole Valve Co.,Ltd exported before:

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