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PTFE/PFA/FEP Fluorine Lined Valves Introduction

Yongjia Goole Valve Co., Ltd has taken aims at this market for several years. Based on the in-depth market researching and the efforts of our scientific and technical personnel, we have developed the following products successfully: eight valve series like Lining butterfly valve, lined plug valve, lined ball valve, Lining cut-off valve, lined diaphragm valve, lined check valve, lined gate valve, valves with 10 pressure levels and 1120 models, various types of pressure vessels and piping accessories, fluorine Plastic lining materials which extends to PTEE (F4), RPTEE (RF4), FEP (F46), PCTFE (F3), PFA (soluble F4), PVDF (F2), the PO, PE, PP, and PVC lining materials of dilute hydrocarbon poly, etc.
The corrosion-resistant Fluor plastic lined valves are also known as Lining Fluorine valves. PTFE resin (or other similar materials after being processed) can be placed in the inner wall of the steel or iron pressure valves or placed in the outer surface of the valves’ inner parts. Those various types of valves and pressure vessels are made due to the unique characteristics of strong anti-corrosive medium of the PTFE resin.
PTFE is commonly known as "plastics king". It was developed by the American DUPONT CO., LTD in 1938. The industrial production of it began in 1949. From the perspective of industrial applications, it has existed for 50 years. But it’s not long for the widely application.
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