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Jacketed Safety Valve

Jacketed Safety Valve is our Goole's Newly designed safety valve which is used in the circumstance where the heat preservation of fluid is needed, such as the equipment of polyester, ethylene, urea, etc.

Jacketed Safety Valve Body including inlet and outlet flanges is heat preserved, so the effect is very well. The function of double flushing can be added if needed.

The Balanced Bellows Construction of this Jacketed safety valve protect set pressure from being affected by variable back pressure, and the parts in bonnet, such as spring, from being corroded.

The Trim of such Jacketed safety valve such as Nozzle and disc is normally made with austenitic stainless steel, and faced with stellite alloy.

To meet special service, the material of such jacketed safety valve trim can be 316LN, 0Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN, 00Cr25Noi6Mo2N, F51 (UNS S31803), F53(UNS S32750), F55(UNS S32760).

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