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Safety Valve Model Selection

Safety Valve is a safety device used to protect the pipeline over pressure. Safety Valve should be correct selected so as to ensure its function to keep the pipeline safe.

But how to select a safety valve correctly? Generally users should obey the following safety valve model selection principles:

1.If the working medium is liquid, Closed Bonnet Safety Valve should be used so as to keep the liquid medium spraying outside.

2. If the working medium is corrosive medium, users also need to choose safety valve with closed bonnet so as to protect workers being hurt by those corrosive medium.

3.For high temperature medium, open bonnet safety valve should be used. It can reduce the spring chamber temperature so as to prolong the service life of the safety valve itself.


In the following, users can also find out exact safety valve models which are used for different working medium and for different working temperature.

1. DIN 902 Standard Safety Valve and Double Port High Lift Safety Valve can be used for Steam, Petroleum and Natural Gas with Temperature below 350 Deg C.

2. A46 Pilot Operated Safety valve can be used for Air & other Gas with temperature below 300 Deg C.

3 A47H Low Lift Safety Valve with Open Bonnet, A48Y Full Lift Safety Valve with Open Bonnet and Twin Spring Type Safety Valve can be used for Steam & Air with Temperature below  350 Deg C.

4 .A41H Low Lift Safety with Closed Bonnet, A42Y Full Lift Safety Valve with Closed Bonnet and A44Y Full Lift Safety Valve with Closed Bonnet can be used for Air, Petroleum, water or corrosive medium with temperature below 300 Deg C.

5. A42F Full Lift Closed Bonnet Safety Valve can be used for LPG or Similar non-corrosive medium with temperature below 80 Deg C.

6. A40y Full lift closed Bonnet Safety Valve with heat radiator can be used for Air, Petroleum Gas, Mixture of N2 & H2 with Temperature below 450 Deg C.

7. Threaded Safety Valve like A27H Low lift closed bonnet safety valve and A28H Full Lift Closed Bonnet safety valve can be used for Water, Air & Steam with temperature below 200 Deg C. A28H safety valve can also be used for Mixture of N2 & H2 or some other crossive medium.


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