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Different Safety Valve Applications

Goole Safety Valve is the best over pressure protection device taking care of pressure equipment, containers and pipelines. In different applications, safety valves with different designs should be used.

1. Threaded Spring full Lift Safety Valve with handle are often used for the equipment and pipelines with such media as Air, Vapor, Water, etc,  Its max working temperature is 200 Deg C.

2. Stainless steel safety valve for cleaning system or called sanitary system, especially suitable for medical equipment, wine and beverage industry, Its max working temperature is 200 Deg C.

3. Vacuum negative pressure safety valve is mainly used for normal non negative pressure systems, containers of all kinds of corrosive media, such as Absorption tower, Distillation tower, Storage tank, other tanks, etc. If the radiation valve does not open after cleaning with steam inside, steam will condensate and produce negative pressure, while the equipment installed can ensure safety.Its max working temperature is 200 Deg C.

4. Pilot Operated safety relief valve, newly structured, is mainly applied in such fields as petroleum & natural gas, chemistry, electric, metallurgy & city gas. Its max working temperature is 200 Deg C.

5. Bellow parallel safety reflux valve is mounted on the liquid state relux pipeline of the pump outlet of the liquefied petroleum gas station. Its max working temperature is 200 Deg C.

6. Balanced Bellow Safety valve is used for the equipment and pipelines with unstable back pressure or containing poisonous or corrosive ore pulp media. Its max working temperature is 300 Deg C.

7. High temperature and high pressure spring full lift safety valve, are used for such media as steam as an over pressure protection device. The safety valve is serviced for over pressure protection of power boiler decomposition boiler, once-through boiler, reheater and other pressure vessel and pipe. Its max working temperature is 570 Deg C.

8. Flanged Spring safety valve are used for oil, natural gas, chemical, electric power, city gas and other fields as an over pressure protection device. Its max working temperature is 425 Deg C.

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