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Safety Valve Bursting Disc

A bursting disc can be installed upstream of a safety relief valve either as protection against highly corrosive fluid or in order to guarantee complete tightness.

This assembly requires the following arrangements:

1. A fragmenting type disc must not be used.

2. The disc must burst cleanly and leave no obstruction for the fluid once it is broken.

3. The dimensions of the disc must not be inferior to the inlet DN of the valve.

4. It must be possible to monitor the space between the rupture disc and the disc of the safety valve all the time and this space must be linked to the atmosphere for as long as the disc has not burst, by means of an excess flow valve, it may also be equipped with a vent valve and a pressure gauge.

5. For installation governed by the ASME Code, the combination must be flow tested, and the assigned derating factor applied, or, alternatively for non tested combinations a 0.9 derating factor must be applied.

A rupture disc can also be mounted at the outlet of a safety relief valve.

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