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Goole Safety Valve Features

Goole Safety Valve is the best over pressure protection device taking care of pressure equipment, containers, and pipelines. When the medium pressure rises over the allowed pressure, the safety valve will automatically open and fully discharge to protect the equipment from pressure going on rising and will automatically close when the pressure lowers to the setting pressure to ensure that the equipment and pipeline runs safely.


The Safety valve with closed bonnet is enclosed to prevent dust and foreign matters from invading and meanwhile protect toxic combustible media from overflowing.


The Safety valve with Open Bonnet is mainly used for the pipelines and containers with the medium to reduce the spring chamber's temperature as its bonnet is open, while the safety valve with a radiator is suitable for the medium with a temperature between 350 Deg C and 570 Deg C


The Spring Safety valve with a lever can be opened manually by the lever when the media pressure over 75% of setting pressure.



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