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Self-Filtering Fully Welded Ball Valve

Using Method of self-filtering fully welded ball valve

Installation and application methods of self-filtering fully welded ball valve

 The arrow pointing of the valve is the flow direction of media. Close the ball valve, open the slipknot bolt of the flange cover, take out the filter and then it’s able to remove the blocked impurities.

Cleaning Process of self-filtering fully welded ball valve

  1. Under the normal working condition, the arrow of the self-filtering fully welded ball valve points to the flow direction of media.
  2. Close the filter valve, and gradually release the pressure inside the filter ball valve until there’s no pressure.
  3. When there’s no pressure inside the valve, slowly open the drain outlet of the filter valve.
  4. Slowly get rid of the fluid dirt and impurity particles inside the valve.
  5. Take out the filter full of particles and impurities after taking down the bolt to fix the filter.
  6. Re-install the cleaned/exchanged filter inside the valve and start the normal operation.


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