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Control Valve Body Design Types

Control Valve Body Design Types


1. Straight-Through Type.

    The Straight-Through Type Body has an S Pattern Streamlined Flow Channel and the inner wall is smooth with equal cross-sectional area. Its has such features as low pressure loss, high flow rate, stable flow, etc.


2. Angular Body

    Except that its appearance is Rectangular, the angular body is similar to the straight-Through Body in other aspects. It has such features as compact structure, simple flow channel, low resistance, etc. It is especially suitable for media that may easily be coked, blocked, media of high viscosity and other service conditions.


3. Three-Way Body

    The Three-Way body includes converting Type and diverting Type. It is mainly used for proportional control or bypass control with small floor space and low cost.


4. Z Type Body

    The Z Type Body is mainly used for high pressure service conditions. It is integrally forged. It has high pressure withstanding performance. The flow channel is simple and whirlpool or backflow doesn not easily occur. The possibility of flash evaporation and cavitation under high differential pressure service conditions is reduced.

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