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Vertical Type Free Ball Float Steam Trap CS41H-16C3NL

Free ball float steam trap, being latest vapor steam trap, can discharge condensing wate in steam pipe stystem and heat supply equippment and stop steam leakage, which is widely used in chemical industry, textile industry, paper making and mining enterprises. It can be devided into Automatic free float type which should be installed horisontally and vertical type which can be installed vertically.


Use and Maintenance.

1. Confirm the valve material, pressure and check if the maximum value is suitable for operation condition.

2. Before installation, clean the pipeline and clear aways the impurities.

3. The installation postion shall be closed to heating equipments as much as possible.

4. It should be installed at the lowest point of the pipe horizontally or vertyically and the direction of flow should be the same to the arrow of the valve.

5. Install steam trap for each heating equipment in case cause influence each other.

6. Under the safe operation of system, open the valve in front of the steam trap, make it rise up to normal station slowly.

7. Check the steam trap regularly so as to ensure the normal working of the steam trap.

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