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Three Way Converging /Diverting Type Control Valve
  • Three Way Converging /Diverting Type Control Valve

Three Way Control Valve, with top guided and pressure unblanaced plug structure, can be used for converging or diverting the medium from several flow channels.


ZMAQ Three Way Converging /Diverting Type Control Valve

ZMAQ Three Way Converging /Diverting Type Control Valve adopts the top guided pressure unbalanced plug. It is mainly used for converging or diverging media of several flow channels. Entering from two channels and exiting from one channel is called three-way converging type, and conversely, entering from one channel and exiting from two channels is called diverting. The three-way valve can also play the pipe shut-off and opening function. The standard converging/diverting design is the unbalanced double-seat trim structure. In addition, special cages with noise reduction and anti-cavitation functions can also be designed according to the service conditions.


Specifications of ZMAQ Three Way Converging /Diverting Type Control Valve

Trim Features:    Double-Seat Sleeve Guided Type, Unbalanced Trim Structure,

Body Type:       Three-Way Type,

Bonnet Type:     Standard Type, Heat Dissipation Type ( Or say Heat Radiation Type), Cryogenic Type, Bellow Type

Flow Characteristic:  Equal Percentage, Linear, Quick Open

Shut-Off Class:     ASME B16.104 V (Standard Metal Seat),

Pipe Connection Type: Flange Type, Butt welding Type

Applicable Temperature Range: -196°C -  570 °C ( Double-Seat Structure),

Actuator Type:    Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator,

                Pneumatic Piston Actuator,

                Electric Actuator


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