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Welded T type strainer
  • Welded T type strainer

    Product: T type strainer It is synonymous with its name. It is to remove physical impurities from liquids, steam, gases etc. It is available in screw and flanged construction. Available in forged, cast and fabricated construction. It is used for inline application.
Flanged  T type strainer
  • Flanged T type strainer

    Flanged T Type Strainer is designed by flanged, socket and butt welded connection mode can save the tubing material
Socket Welded and Butt Welded  Y Type Strainers
SB 23  Simplex Basket Strainer
U Strainer ( Simplex Strainer)
  • U Strainer ( Simplex Strainer)

    U Strainer is widely used in pipeline system and It’s easy to clean the impurity of the U type strainer by loosing the cover.
Duplex Strainers
  • Duplex Strainers

    Duplex Strainers Characteristics: It’s convenient to clear the impurity when the pipeline is moving
JIS Y type strainer
ZJHP/ZJHM Series small precision type pneumatic single-seat sleeve regulating valve
ZJHN diaphragm Pneumatic double-seated control valve
ZZYP / ZZCP/ ZZVP  self-operated pressure regulating valve
ZZWP Self-Actuated Temperature Control Valve
  • ZZWP Self-Actuated Temperature Control Valve

    1.Temperature Control Valve is generally applied in the conditions with slow change of temperature other than conditions with intense change of temperature or frequent change of parameters.
JD745X  Multifunctional Pump Control Valve
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